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Jan 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
. it was a continuation of the libertarian movement about which ron paul rose. he was educated to become the political thinker by the works of the rakes of hayek and they always embraced leonard read of the foundation about what change was about, on educating one mind at a time. ron paul has used politics is the tool for that libertarian goal and if you asked me 10 years ago, i would've said maybe with the best tool because he was merely describes your outlier in congress, but he's proven me 100% wrong using the tool of major party politics. he's been one of the greatest educators for libertarianism of our time as david said. it's not just about politics. the other sort of gap that ron paul bridges is key to his appeal is the apocalyptic ron paul who was at the same time to very hopeful ron paul. ron paul is one of the other politicians around who is willing to say, america is not necessarily the greatest khmer riches come of this wonderful nation in the world that can only do rate overseas and if there's anything wrong, for the other guy. in foreign policy terms, behavior overseas is actually in some
Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
, education, support to senior leaders and development and development might be the place where we find the big ideas if you will about what we need to do. but we're working at it will get something to the secretary of defense as his successor is confirmed before he leaves the job. >> mr. secretary, first of all on immediate or cautionary steps reducing on mission sending a commit a free freeze on civilian hiring a contract, is there a dollar amount on not, on the amount of money you'd be saving? >> but i've asked all the services to do at our budget you guys to look at all these different pieces until they would ultimately can we say by virtue of the steps. i can't give you a number now. but what i said is we got to do everything we can to achieve whatever savings we can in the immediate future to be better prepared for what we may face. >> i'll tell you right now to look at the billions of dollars we are looking at, will have to squeeze awfully hard to be able to prevent any damage from taking place. were born to suffer some damage. >> the suspect to you, tony. first of 52, not 45? se
Jan 3, 2013 10:20pm EST
people become hav educated since everybody is a state employee, basically it doesn't matter what you do. but i came that i'm the first time i met a gal was in the metal of some kind of tornado and he was talking about how many liters -- how many theaters per square meter per province. and i said after, dante, i came here to talk about aids. i express my solidarity with people affected by the floods and cuba. and then he started talking about how many cases in jamaica, how many they are, how many they are. anyway, sometimes seeming to figures better than i do despite the fact is that a professor of epidemiology, i have a hard time remembering these figures. since then he said okay, let's have a drink in my office. so we went in the office and asked for water because i said said i just arrived from europe jetlagged and i need to make sure i do my best here. he said no, you don't drink water. no detail, okay. we are in cuba. to make a long story short, we then ended up, as he does sometimes, you can't than half of the government and the vice president and we had dinner and talk a lot about
Jan 7, 2013 8:30pm EST
of experience in public service and higher education and an incredibly wide variety of roles as president of the world bank, dean of the johns hopkins school of international studies, the state department director of policy planning in this is the secretary of state for east asian affairs and long term at the pentagon all the way to dippy secretary of defense. a great panel, and so what i will do is pose a question to each one of them to kick off the conversation, and then i will turn it over to all of you. the first question i want to pose to mike, and it is a basic, simple one. what the heck happened on new year's day and the and what does it mean for defense? what do you see playing out in the next days, weeks, moving forward, and what are some of the key, strategic questions you see coming off of that? >> thanks, peter. thanks to all of you for being here. we heard bob hale wrestling with these unnatural questions. we have a 2-month reprieve keeping this among, if not topple the list for the most unstable budgetary decision making ever, especially when there is no big surprise in term
Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
as chairman of the education committee. it was only in 2006 when tom delay was on the boehner ascended again to be leader of the republican party. he led the party until 20 -- from 2010 until now kept the house for two elections. as much as there is a lot of grumbling about the inner's leadership a lot of republicans who have been in the house for a long time feel the boehner is able to stay in power and bring the party back to power and they applaud that. the ron paul question is an interestiinteresti ng one. ron paul is out of congress and the candidate is no longer there but they there are people who watch them in the house. he is a ron paul acolyte. he would fall under that tradition. justin hall from michigan, sophomore. both amash and thomas massey played a a secret vote in a secret that secret that an nec ron paul's sun center rand paul in the senate and elected in 2010. he is continuing to ron the ron paul movement in many ways. is now on the senate relations committee and you'll hear him talk about the realm paul idea of foreign policy and less foreign aid and more conservative idea
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5